The 2020 Aims and Review

Aims for the Year - written December 29th 2019

  • Let’s try and fill 2,020 bags in 2020 Wythenshawe Wide!

We can post photos and totals from events and mini picks and attempt to hit this target. It should be a fun way of achieving our aim to DEEP CLEAN WYTHENSHAWE.

3333 bag collected Wythenshawe Wide by our volunteers, supported by those who provided funding and our service partners.

Thank you to all that contributed.


  • We’re looking for ways to fundraise for our 2020 chosen Charity and great cause Wythenshawe Hospital’s Snowdrop Unit.
If all our groups can think of ways to raise money our group will fully support and it will put your logo on the physical map, and digital when possible.
The Virgin Justgiving link will be open for an extended period so please share with all.
  • We have a fundraising Disco on Jan the 8th at the Firbank Pub and I hope to see you all there.
All proceeds will go to the Snowdrop Unit and will help put our logo on every school map. We need to raise £350 pounds for this and I hope you can all buy a ticket at just £3 each.
Any local community group that helps our local children and residents can have a free children’s ticket with a paying adult.

£470 was paid into the NHS fundraising account thanks to the donations via the Firbank Pub Disco.

A big thanks to Smudge, Simon Delaney and Mark Bradbury for the raffle organising and to all who supported the event.

Fundraising activities across the year also included a supermarket bag pack organised by 1st Wythenshawe Scouts.

Altogether the activities raised £1,471 for the Snowdrop Memorial Unit within Wythenshawe Hospital.


  • We can meet at the Firbank at 6pm on the 8th for our monthly meeting which will not take place at the Dandelion Church this January due to it falling on New Years Day 👍🏻


Unfortunately, March 2020 saw the Covid-19 Lockdown come into effect, many of our “social” events had to be cancelled or postponed until further notice. 

  • As Chairman I’ll be approaching every School, Business and Community Group in Wythenshawe to support them in adopting their local Green Space no matter how big or small.

Whereas it was a strange year due to Covid-19 restrictions we saw a rise in participation from groups and individuals across Wythenshawe.

  • We will continue to source equipment and support volunteers in every area.

We were still able to support the growth in volunteers with equipment thanks to the service partner support and funding we received.

Many thanks.

26th September 2020 Rosemary and Dave
hoops, Pickers and Gloves
green bag delivery
  • We aim to have every Wythenshawe School involved in our Mapping Project and will support Eco leads in implementing litter picking teams in each.
Our lead Jean Wright has done some fantastic work liaising with Eco Schools England and Keep Manchester Tidy’s Emma and will be a great source of reference for us.

I’m really hopeful that this will go a long way towards educating the next generation and will strengthen our community ties with volunteer groups.

  • We aim to have every Wythenshawe School involved in our Mapping Project and will support Eco leads in implementing litter picking teams in each.

These areas will continue to be points that we work on as they are key to the sustainability of the notion to clean Wythenshawe’s park and green spaces by education and supporting Manchster City Council’s “Our Manchester, Our Children CYPP Strategy

The School Involvement webpage is under construction. Currently showing the fantastic work of Newall Green Primary School who were supported by our Outreach Partner artist Faye Tikic.

  • We aim to have a website up and running thanks to our friend Tom Prendergast. (webpage pending)

Could all leads have a bio to be included about themselves and their green space and could you all have logos drawn up to use as soon as you’re able.

Tom will be digitising our map of Wythenshawe and as it takes shape we will see the great work and groups we have supported and more volunteers will be able to join us in their local area.


Thanks to Tom we started to build our website and behind the scenes foundations have been laid towards building our map of Wythenshawe with the schools having input via the Mapping Project.

We were fortunate to cross paths with M.Comar who has now taken the reigns from Tom as he proceeds with his career; he continues to support us where he can.

All the active leads have a bio page and the website has helped us context further than social media alone.
Some logos are in development.

With particular thanks to our 2020 sponsors Manchester Laser Cuts, Ridge Park Ltd and Manchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Investment Fund for funding that went towards building the website and supporting our various projects.

  • Working with WCHG we’re building partnerships, looking at Volunteer Timebanking hours and training alongside this organisation.
I’ll be meeting with newly appointed Resident Involvement Officer Faye and Dean in the New Year.

update required – @John-Paul

  • The funding awarded in 2019 has been used to purchase equipment for which we are very grateful.

We will support ASDA’s fantastic lead Donna and her future events who has also been a great help and similarly the funding received purchased equipment from new business partner Helping Hand Environmental.

Carly has offered a set of litter picking equipment for us to raffle at our school event on May 21st which is amazing and we recommend their equipment as being top quality and U.K manufactured.

We are grateful that Wythenshawe Forum is willing to host the event.

Wythenshawe Forum

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions many of our “social” events including the planned school event in May were cancelled or postponed.

  • With MCC we will look at registering our groups with the MCRVIP network so that future volunteers may find our groups easily and join in our great work.

update required @John-Paul

  • We will be fully supporting our sister group Wythenshawe Woods and Waters and founder Barny’s plans for woodland walking trails in each wooded area.

We were fortunate that Mike Kane, Message Trust, Walk Ride Northenden, Friends of  Bluebell and Blackcarr Woods, Jimmy and Undercover David decided that they would start to clear some of the cycleways and pathways throughout Wythenshawe.
Their efforts were further supported by some of the people and businesses pledging to Our Charter.

  • We will work with great groups such as City Of Trees and look to promote outdoor learning and planting.
  • With our Sharston allotment friends, we will be planting and promoting our native flowers and plants, supporting the wider community to learn about growing your own.

Covid-19 may have seen the “social” side of Wythenshawe Waste Warriors efforts change, but with social distancing and the growth in confidence in using technology we were able to support City Of Trees zoom sessions ie. “Amazing Bats” – which can be found on YouTube now.
Their Facebook group can be found here.

We are on a mission to map the locations of our Wythenshawe wooded areas with Barny and City Of Trees. Hopefully we can create a list of all our historic and newer wooded areas, and enhance our mapping project with this information in the future.

We further aim to map the sounds of Wythenshawe with our soundscapes, please send us your recording of the wildlife in the area.

Image curtsey of Sharston Allotment Facebook page and Alan Breeze
Image curtsey of Sharston Allotment Facebook page and Alan Breeze
Image curtsey of Sharston Allotment Facebook page and Alan Breeze
Image curtsey of Sharston Allotment Facebook page and Alan Breeze
Seeds donated to Woodhouse Park Family Centre by Sharston Allotment
Seeds donated to Woodhouse Park Family Centre by Sharston Allotment

Did you know that November is Greater manchester Tree Month?

  • We’ll support every lead in compiling a Risk Assessment for their area and these will be invaluable when inviting groups or pupils on event days.

With the Covid-19 Lockdowns, there were restrictions on how many people you could mix with and how closely.
We consulted with the Local Authority and decided that we were not officially supporting any group litter picks.
Those that litter picked generally did so as households or in invited friendship groups: no larger than 6; when allowed to do so by the government.

Where we currently hold Risk Assessments they inform our Safety Briefings which we will gave at the beginning of each event. These will be made available on the lead bio’s page Example: Newall Green Nature Area and Milky Button  Parks’s Safety Briefing
With the Risk Assesments available upon request.

As the government now reviews its pathway out of the restrictions we are considering opening Our Calendar of Events . Therefore please bare with us as we review the governments guidelines, support our new leads and review the paperwork before releasing any events on it.

  • We aim to support the Friends of Wythenshawe Park in their monthly events and for events such as the Wythenshawe Games and Bonfire Bight etc.

They have been a fantastic source of support over the past year and lead John has created a fabulous wooden map using discs created by Manchester Laser Cuts which will help immensely with our mapping project.

The FOWP are very welcoming and you’ll all enjoy their company.
2nd March

We are fortunate to have FOWP lead John with us, as he shared their Covid-19 litter picking guide and we were able to share this across our platforms to encourage those who decided to support their physical and mental well fair whilst out on their “Borris walks” and litter pick, to take precautionary measures.

Unfortunately, their social events such as Bonfire Night and the Wythenshawe Games have not been able to run over this period. Hopefully, as we emerge from lockdown these can run in the future months and the Waste Warriors will be able to support them where we can. 

……. The rest of this page is under review ……….


  • I’d love our group to continue supporting our local Churches and their grounds.
Our home at The Dandelion Church needs volunteers for an exciting garden project and St Wilfrid’s Church in Northenden has monthly meetings which I’d love us to promote and attend if possible.
I’d recommend taking children and grandchildren here as the history of Wythenshawe is laid out with the Tatton family and Watkins family and more referenced in the church archives.
  • We’re compiling a Calendar of events and will choose Parks and Woodland for each month ahead of time.
If you have a green area; park, woodland, field or even a residential area please post and let us know and we’ll try our best to visit and put it on our event list.
  • If any of you have a child or family attending our schools or working in our schools feel free to share our group information and get them involved in our School Mapping Project!
Thanks a million to all of you for your sterling efforts in 2019.
Here’s to picking 2,020 bags in 2020!
I hope you’ve had a Very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.
Best Wishes

JP 🧤

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These areas continue to be an ongoing projects.

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In June / July we were able to offer socially distance support to the Dandelion Community Church.

Unfortunately, this has had to be put on hold with the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown. We aim to have our events up and running as soon as it is safe to do so.

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July 2020 collection pictures

  • 1. 3rd july
    Did a mini litter pick on Wednesday with Beverly Walford, a true trooper 👏👏around the bridge area off Greatfield rd, 10 bags + junk, safety measures taken, a big thank-you to John O’Connor for the safety checklist- COVID, came in very useful 👌 needs another pick to get it back on track 🌿 thanks for the risk assessment meeting John-paul Coe 👏👏 1,538 for the year x
  • 2. 5th july
    Only 2 bags of litter collected today, mostly cans and bottles. Please be aware that there is barbed wire in the wooded area. Thanks, Jean Wright 🧤 1,540 in 2020
  • 3. 5th July
    2 bags collected and left at burnsall walk. Thanks Jill Thorpe 🧤 1,542 in 2020
  • 4. 6th July
    A huge thanks to Joshua and Emily for their amazing work and bags filled in Gorse Covert 🧤 1,544 for the year 👍🏻
  • 5. 6th July
    This morning haul of 11 bags + junk collected by Beverley and Pat Heydon me👏👏 7bags at Greatfield rd bridge and 4 over at Shawbury side of bridge 🌿🌿 1,555 for the year 🧤
  • 6. 6th July
  • 7. 8th July
    Yesterday saw Wythenshawe’s most prolific litter pickers fill 12 bin bags in Painswick and Hollyhedge Park. We’re constantly blown away by the professionalism and committed nature of their volunteer work. From choosing needy areas, working safely, encouraging others, cleaning green spaces for our residents and nature to enjoy, to recording the evidence and contacting our service partners for uplift they are amazing! 1,567 bags for the year and a huge number attributed to Wythenshawe’s Undercover Heros 🧤🤗
  • 7.2 8h July
  • 7.3 8th July
  • 7.4 8th July
    1,583 is the new bag count as an extra 16 need to be added from David and Marilyn’s outings 🧤🤗
  • 8. 9th July
    Marilyn and David have been out in Wythenshawe Park today. They did the football field, playpark and the full length of Wythenshawe Rd and filled 8 bags of rubbish. They are amazing I think you’ll agree 🧤🤗 1,591 for the year – well done folks
  • 9.11th July
    Harry helped fill two bags with litter and count bins for our Risk Assessment in Milky Button Park. I’m now going to update our records using John O’Connor’s fantastic COVID document as a template. It’s been a lovely evening out in the fresh air and listening to the birdsong 🧤🤗 1,593 bags for the year 👍🏻
  • 10. 11th July
  • 11. 11th July
    Two wonderful montages and 5 bags filled by David today. What a fantastic human being 🧤🤗 1,598 for the year 👍🏻
  • 12. 11th July
  • 13. 13th July
    A huge thanks to David and Cllr Mary today Litter picking at Riverside Park and Sale Circle. 2 bags and flytip at Riverside, 4 bags and flytip at Sale Circle. David then did a solo litterpick of Wythenshawe Park main field on the way home, 1 bag. Total today of 7 for the Wythenshawe Wide bag count which stands at 1,605 for 2020! Well done folks 🧤👍🏻
  • 14. 13th July
    A big thanks to Jean Wright for today’s bag of litter. Well done Jean! 1,606 for the year 🧤
  • 15. 14th July
    A 3 hour walk has seen 8 bags filled and much litter cleared from our partners doorsteps. I’ve passed Piper Hill, St Paul’s andSt Peter’s Schools, the MEA, WCRUFC’s ground, Kirkup Gardens, Wythenshawe Police Station, Metrolink station, William Temple Church, The Black Path, Tayfield Park, Wythenshawe Town Centre, ASDA, MP Mike Kane’s Office, WCHG Ofiices, Wythenshawe Fire Station, Park Wood and more! We’re lucky to have so many great partners here and we hope we can all keep Wythenshawe Clean 🧤 1,614 for the year 👍🏻
  • 16. 14th July
    Thanks Pat Heydon 🧤 1,615 bags filled 👍🏻
  • 17. 14th July
    Marilyn and David litterpicked both Alderman Rogers and Milky Button Park today. 8 full bags of rubbish, a bike frame and a suitcase. Thanks for your amazing work folks 🧤🤗 1,623 for the year 👍🏻
  • 18. 15th July
    A huge thanks to Pat, Beverly, Linda and David filling 8 bags at Fairywell, Beverly for two bags in Kirkup Gardens and to John O’Connor for filling a bag at WP. These 11 bags mean 1,634 bags filled this year! Well done folks 🧤🤗
  • 19. 16 July
    Marilyn and David filled 6 bags which brought the duo’s yearly running total to 400 in parks across the wards – WOW! We believe every week is love your park week but it was still nice to see more bags were added to the pile by volunteers and agencies in WP today. Well done everyone 🧤 1,640 bags filled in 2020
  • 20. 17 July
    Thanks for the 2 bags today Bobby. 1,642 bags filled for the year 🧤
  • 21. 17 July
    I filled a bag in Kirkup Gardens today. It’s very clean and a credit to Beverly, the Undercover Duo and our service partners. Well done to all 🧤 1,643 for the year 👍🏻
  • 22. 17 July
    Today I litter picked around the Church area, up the Black Path and around Tayfield Park. I’ve left 7 litter picked bags and one residents bag by the benches outside the William Temple 🧤 1,650 bags filled in 2020 👍🏻
  • 22.2 17 July
  • 23. 18th July
    We’ll done David for the waste and three bags collected today in Peel Hall Park 🧤🤗 1,653 bags filled for the year Wythenshawe Wide 👍🏻
  • 24. 19th July
    Thanks to the volunteers and service partners who keep Alderman Rodgers Park spotless it’s a credit to you all 🧤🤗 one bag filled 1,654 for the year
  • 25. 19th July
    Thanks a million Cllr Mary and David. Here’s Mary’s message: “Five bags of litter collected today by the river side and around the shops in Northenden. Love where you live.” 1,659 bags for the year x
  • 26. 19th July
    6 bags filled in Haveley Circle Park by JP 1,665 bags for the year 🧤
  • 26.2 19th July
  • 26.3 19th July
  • 26.4 19th July
  • 27, 20th July
    2 bags and one scooter in Wythenshawe Park from the football field. Great work David 🧤 1,667 bags filled in 2020 👍🏻
  • 28. 21st July
    Thanks for great efforts today from everyone at Woodend Woods. 24 bags of rubbish. 1,691 bags for the year 🧤
  • 29. 21st July
    A huge thanks to David, Maddy and team for the bags filled in Peel Hall Park x 1,694 for the year 🧤
  • 30. 21st July
    A huge thanks to Maddy, Marilyn and David for the five bags picked in Hollyhedge Park today 🧤🤗 1,699 for the year 👍🏻
  • 31. 22nd July
    Had a very successful litter pick on the lanes this morning. Newall rd leading to the hospital with Keith who litter picks on the Altrincham side. Clay lane and Roaring gate lane. A true champion 👏👏, 8 bags + flytipping 🌿🌿 1,707 bags for the year 👍🏻
  • 31.1 22nd July
  • 31.2 22nd July
  • 32 26th July
    5 litter filled bags and waste positioned around Park wood and to be uplifted. Thanks, Barny 🤗🧤 1,712 bags for the year
  • 32.2 26th July
  • 32.3 26th July
    A huge thanks to our volunteers in Hollyhedge Park for the litter filled bag 👍🏻 1,713 bags for the year 🧤
  • 33 27th July
    We are blown away by the work in Northenden of our local councillor Mary Monaghan, David and the people who join them. They are going a huge way to ensure this area of Wythenshawe is deep cleaned. This is part of Mary’s message: “16 bags of rubbish and flytipping collected over the weekend from the river towards Didsbury and the full length of shops and surrounding. Thanks to Biffa for collecting weekly.
  • 34. 28th July
    Thanks for the two bags filled in Tayfield Park Barny Beswick 🧤 1,731 for the year 🤗
  • 35. 28th July
    Thanks David for the bag filled in WP 1,732 for the year 🧤
  • 36. 28th July
    Thanks for the 7 bags filled in Wythenshawe Park David and Marilyn that’s 1,739 bags for the year and a lot of them yours 🤗🧤
  • 37. 29th July
    A huge thanks to David and Marilyn for the 5 bags in Painswick Park and 5 bags working with Beverly Walford in Kirkup Gardens. You’re all amazing 😉 1,749 for the year 🧤
  • 38. 29th July
  • 39. 30th July
    Beverly, Pat and David litterpicked the Black Path today from the start Summerfield Rd, William Temple to the crossroads at Dinmor Rd then left up to the gate at Culmere Park. Collected 9 bags of rubbish, a mattress, chair, oaps shopping cart and a shopping basket. You’re all superstars TY 🧤 1,758 bags in 2020 🤗
  • 40. 30th July
  • 41. 30th July
    A big thanks to Linda and Pat filling 2 bags on Greenwood road 👍🏻 1,760 bags for the year 🧤
  • 42. 30th July
    A big thanks to Barny for adding three bags of litter picked Waste to the work done on the Black Path 👍🏻 1,763 for the year Wythenshawe Wide 🧤
  • 43. 30th July
    ‪Litterpick today in WP. David,‬ ‪Marilyn and @CllrSLynch did an amazing job, collected 6 bags of rubbish and some goal posts.‬ ‪Car park, Hall Gardens, Wythenshawe Rd and main drive all cleaned. TY all 🤗‬ ‪1,769 volunteer bags for the year Wythenshawe Wide 🧤
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