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As a, currently, non charity status group we run with the willingness of volunteers, treasuring and fully supporting all our network links. We believe that our partnerships make us stronger. 

Acknowledging how blessed we are to be supported by local businesses, services, community groups and even artists, we have dedicated tabs to listing them and their information.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to receive testimonials from people across the wards of Wythenshawe and further afield.

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One of the plans for this website is to build a directory that links with our mapping project for the benefit of all Wythenshaweians and the infrastructure services that wish to support the largest estate in Manchester.

We “blog” our activities on Facebook and Twitter only, by following the social media links on the top or bottom of any of our pages you should be able to find our main feeds.

If we have been able to find a Group Leader for a green area this is listed and the Facebook presence for this location is also given, helping our community to connect with one another. 

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