Our Covid-19 Litter Picking Guide

Volunteer safety checklist august 2020

Individuals currently shielding, in ‘at risk’ groups, displaying symptoms (or in contact with those with symptoms) or who have been directly advised to self-isolate, should not litterpick.
Bring your own gloves and Hi-Vis, pickers and hoops where possible. If taking a litter picker home at end of clean up, please sanitize before storing.
Wash hands before and after at home or at nearby w/c facilities where these are available.
Carry hand sanitiser if you have access to some.
Maintain the government recommended social distance from fellow volunteers/members of the public, wear a face mask where this is not possible.
Avoid direct contact with litter at all times – use the litter picking sticks provided and do not touch anything with your hands.
Be aware of your environment and do not put yourself at risk whilst picking litter – this is especially important near roads and drives, rivers and canals.
Rubbish bags should not be compressed using hands or feet as this can accidentally puncture the skin.
Do not pick up any items that cannot easily be identified or where they are clearly hazardous such as asbestos. Report to Group Leader or Manchester City Council if waste-collecting independently of us.
Do not attempt to remove animals or their faeces. If an animal is found please report this to the pick leader.
Any needles or drug paraphernalia needs to be left alone and reported to the Group Leader or Manchester city Council if picking independently from us.
Avoid contact with your own body when carrying plastic sacks.
Do not attempt to pick up any large or potentially heavy items such as gas bottles or canisters. Report these to the Group Leader or Manchester city Council if picking independently from us.
Ensure any cuts or abrasions are cleaned and covered with a waterproof plaster.
**WE CURRENTLY ADVISE to carry a suitable first aid pack and know the nearest hospital and doctors surgery before you volunteer in an area. We do not ask our Group Leaders to provide should treatment at this time.**
There are some fantastic first aid courses available which would benefit both residents and community group leaders
If you get material on your hands, avoid contact with your eyes and mouth, clean with sanitizer as soon as you can.
Clean hands thoroughly before eating food or drinking
Wear sturdy shoes or boots and weather-appropriate clothing, warm in cold weather, sun protection when hot and carry a drink in the summer.
Wear a hi-vis vest, be aware of traffic at all times and stop picking to allow any vehicle to pass.
Stay clear of steep slopes, water, and large areas of mud.
Do not overfill bin bags and avoid lifting heavy objects or sacks alone.
Beware of dogs you do not know – don’t approach them unless the owner confirms it is safe to do so.
Keep away from any wasps & nests.
Do not confront anyone you see littering.
Leave your collected sacks by the designated drop off point.
Take 2-3 spare sacks with you for use.
Pick for (say) 60-90 minutes, then to the meet-up point and return any loaned equipment.


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