Reece and Vanessa Sanford

Reece and Vanessa where the red dots are footpaths where the red dots are footpaths

Reece and Vanessa joined us in September 2020, they were independently clearing overgrowth in the area going onto the University Sports Fields from Southwick Park.

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  • 27th Septemeber
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Path from Southwick Park to the university fields clearly marked
Path from Southwick Park to the university fields clearly marked

As local residents they have continued to display this level of care for the Park and the area around it. Happily pledging to our Charter and receiving socially distanced assistance from a number of our volunteers and gathering support from other residents from around Wythenshawe.

Reece and Vanessa’s business dogs4walks and Adam’s Garden Maintenance Services AGMS are both Charter pledging businesses that have tended to Southwick Park.


“The 6th and 7th of November saw an amazing weekend of volunteers cleaning up the park.

With thanks to:

Michelle and the members of her family,
Bec’s and her daughter Katie,
Nick who after walking his dog couldn’t resist helping, 
John the taxi driver trimming the hedges at the back of his house,
and of course my wife Vanessa.
This was on top of other litter pickers.

All weekend the park was busy with lots of people. I believe I’ve seen 40 people in the park this weekend; playing, walking with their family, and dog walking.” – Recce

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