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What have the schools been mapping?

—- This website is still under construction, we will shortly have more to share on the great work we have from our partnered schools in Wythenshawe —-

For their mapping project, Wythenshawe Waste Warriors contacted all 35 schools and colleges in Wythenshawe, asking students to map their local area and to put the logos of any business, group or community asset they feel is important to record.

Each school was asked to map a small section of Wythenshawe around their grounds, using resources provided by Manchester Central Library Archive Department and their wonderful team, including large maps, old photos and prints.

You can find the old photo collection here: Local Image Collection.

On the 21st May 2020, we were hoping to have brought these sections together at Wythenshawe Forum.

We are developing upon the benefits of this work, with schools receiving advice and specific contacts to support their individual requirements.

Newall Green Primary School

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