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Wythenshawe Waste Warrior have a mapping project which supports the National Curriculum’s “World Around Us”, Geography and Maths, across all levels of study. 

The use of videos provides a way to map the areas moments in time. The inclusion of these to the mapping project supports the National Curriculum area of I.C.T. and can be used to support storyboarding in English.

Whilst helping children map the green spaces and reintroduce younger generations to spaces their families may not be aware of, we can also compare the past with the present, over the wards of Wythenshawe quickly.

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Videos usually involve the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. But can, in fact, make use of the static; photos, pictures and models.

If we take the average day, there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in one hour. 60 x 60 = 3,600 seconds in an hour.
With 24 hours a day that’s 86,400 seconds ( approx.) in a day!

The average human blinks roughly 20 times per minute – for argument’s sake, that’s 20 photos taken in a minute.

20 x 60 = 1,200 memory “photographs” stored in the human brain in an hour.
1,200 x 24 = 28,800 memory “photographs” stored a day!

But the brain doesn’t store static memories like photographs. It takes in the world as a video recording. It is able to access these recordings/memories linked to sensory input at the time – noises, smells, tastes, and touch; linking moments across our lifetimes.

Mutli- media artists like M.Comar (one of our affiliated artists) make use of these connections when building interactive instillations.
M.Comar made 3 videos during the course of her B.A looking at the impact of flytipping, for her collection “What a waste”.
The video playlist can be found be following the button to You tube.

3 screens 3
3 screens
3 screens 4

The 3 videos were due to be exhibited together at her end of year exhibition, however, this has had to be postponed. which allows for broader contribution from the Wythenshawe community, either on her project or in mapping the area.

If you would like to contribute a video or photographic recording of the Wythenshawe area, past or present you can use our contact form, marking the subject as “video” or “photograph”.

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